How to Conduct a Borad Meeting Online

Online meetings are not as effective as those held in person However, they do provide more flexibility to members, and are easier to monitor. They also require more etiquette for board meetings and have their own set of issues. Here are some good practices to follow:

If possible, start the meeting with a short video of everyone present to establish you can try this out a connection in person with remote participants from the very beginning. This will help avoid confusion when dealing with any issues or questions. It’s also a good idea to include the agenda at the beginning of a meeting and encourage attendees to ask questions or make comments throughout the discussion.

Make sure that audio and video equipment is prepared prior to the start of the meeting, and test each camera to ensure that they’re functioning properly. Directors should dress professionally and have camera gear on and close any tabs that may be distracting and making sure to avoid the glare from windows and any other distractions. It’s a good idea turn off the microphone when the director isn’t speaking and to use chat to inform the moderator when they have to leave the film.

If the board uses a secure software that manages the board, with voting and polling capabilities, it’s easy to incorporate the views of every member into decisions and make everyone feel that their opinions are valued. It’s an excellent idea for the chair or other officers to remind everyone about the post-meeting tasks that are required, for example, complete the board survey, or collecting electronic signatures.

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