How to Conduct a Borad Meeting Online

Online meetings are not as effective as those held in person However, they do provide more flexibility to members, and are easier to monitor. They also require more etiquette for board meetings and have their own set of issues. Here are some good practices to follow: If possible, start the meeting with a short video […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your VDR

Efficiency is essential when due diligence timelines become compressed. Find the VDR that can simplify administrative tasks, such as installation and maintenance. Then use built-in analytics and tools for reporting to gain valuable insight into how your users are using your content. You can then address areas that are causing you concern and may affect […]

What to Include in Your Investor Data Room

Investor data rooms are a set of important documents and data which you need to share with investors during due diligence. These can range from your business plan and pitch deck to legal documents such as employee agreements and non-compete clauses. The more complete and organized your investor data area, the quicker you can close […]

Board Members Responsibilities

Board members have the unique opportunity to observe and learn about the inner workings and processes of other organizations. You may want to know what other companies do to manage its international expansion or how it implements internal processes that create an exceptional culture, watching a company from the inside can be a valuable experience. […]

Nonprofit Boards – Recruiting the Right Nonprofit Boards

A Nonprofit board is responsible for overseeing a nonprofit, interfacing between the organization and the community. This is why many nonprofits choose board members with significant connections and accomplishments in business and philanthropy. Additionally, they should be able bring financial support to the table, since fundraising is often the primary task for boards of nonprofit […]

How to Make the Most of Every Board Meeting

The board of directors gives the strategic direction for a company or non-profit organization, assesses the progress of the organization, and reviews and approves action plans. A successful board meeting generally looks different for every organization however there are some ways to stimulate discussions and encourage collaboration to make the most of every minute of […]

Digital Document Storage Streamlines File Access, Improves Accuracy and Boosts Productivity

The right document management system increases accuracy, simplifies access to files and increases productivity. It frees up office space previously used for filing cabinets and expensive storage costs offsite. It also eliminates the need for manual processes that can lead to mistakes and add cost. It also reduces the chance that data could be lost […]

Choosing Board Management Software

Board management software allows boards to manage meetings as well as share information and resources and make effective decisions. But not all software is created to be the same. It is crucial for users to determine their requirements and create a list of “must-have” and “nice-to-have” features before selecting the right software. It’s easier for […]

How to Run the Perfect Board Meeting

Board meetings are an amazing chance to shape a company, pulling together brain power to navigate turbulent waters and calmer waters. When they are executed properly board meetings can have a significant influence on the direction of a company. But without a clear structure and a strict discipline meetings can quickly become ineffective and frustrating […]

Choosing a Virtual Data Room Solution

When a business needs to share data with outside parties, for example potential investors or partners, the virtual data room can be a useful tool. These secure environments can expedite the due diligence process and allow everyone involved to review and comprehend the contract terms. Whether the need is for an M&A or disposal transaction […]