How to Make the Most of Every Board Meeting

The board of directors gives the strategic direction for a company or non-profit organization, assesses the progress of the organization, and reviews and approves action plans. A successful board meeting generally looks different for every organization however there are some ways to stimulate discussions and encourage collaboration to make the most of every minute of the meeting.

Board meetings begin with the formal announcement of the meeting by the chairman at the scheduled start time. The presiding officer then calls all attendees to order and confirms that there is a quorum. The board then reviews the agenda as well as the previous meeting’s minutes. Attendees may ask for changes, additions, or deletions to the agenda or minutes.

During this portion of the meeting, the directors share their thoughts and perspectives on the problems or opportunities that the board is considering. They weigh pros and pros, risks, costs and the potential for profit from each opportunity in order to make an informed decision about the best options to explore.

The next step is to discuss possible strategies for achieving the company’s objectives. Then, they come up with the plan of action for carrying out the strategies. This is a vital aspect of the board meeting that helps ensure the company stays on track with its goals.

After the discussion, all motions are put to the public vote. The number of votes cast favor and against each motion determines if the motion passes. The meeting is deemed to be adjourned when a motion fails to pass.


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