How to Evaluate Board Software

For board meetings or for the whole organization, the board portal software will aid you in working faster and smarter. It can simplify and streamline everything from agendas for board meetings to precise, clear minutes of meetings with a simple solution that’s accessible at any time, anywhere — on any device.

Determine your board’s particular needs. Security is a key factor in board adoption of online tools for managing boards. Sharing board documents via email or with free versions of software such as Dropbox pose significant risks for data breaches and unauthorised access. Board members and corporate secrecy also want to improve efficiency by utilizing a more convenient and secure method of managing and exchanging information.

SelectHub Board Satisfaction Rate is an excellent instrument to evaluate the features of different solutions. It gives you an average score based on reviews from recognized software review sites. Alternatively, you can create an evaluation technology advantage team comprised of board members (chairs and administrators) to search for available or known solutions that address their issues. The evaluation process should be focused on the entire board cycle in order to maximize the net benefits.

Check for essential functionality such as agenda and planning tools and document management with ample space to store meeting documents and corporate documents Boardbook templates, eSignatures, discussion and chat features, and 1-to-1 communication channels. It is also important to discover if the solution is compatible with top calendar software and other third-party applications to facilitate the scheduling of meetings documents, document collaboration, and follow-up.

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