Logistics Optimization and Fleet Management

From the negotiation of prices and demands with manufacturers, to https://technologytraffic.com/2023/06/24/logistics-optimization-and-fleet-management/ engineering solutions to manage fleets, there are many ways to improve logistics processes. But a few key tactics can have the greatest impact in reducing the costs of supply chain.

Inefficient route planning leads to wasted fuel, driver cost and vehicle maintenance costs. It’s why it’s important to make sure every route provides as much value every day as you can, avoiding unnecessary driving and waste.

Attaining a high degree of efficiency during the last mile is a particular challenge for delivery companies. The last mile of a delivery may be as high as 30 percent of the total logistical cost. Fleet optimization software assists companies reduce their costs by identifying the most efficient routes and also taking into account customer needs such as mandatory rest times and load restrictions.

Efficient routing helps businesses meet customer expectations and reduces the risk of delivery failure. In the event of a delivery failing, it can be costly as the order will need to be rerouted or returned to the warehouse to store for a later date.

To maximize the value of your fleet, you must have the correct data. The information on live and historical traffic, truck attributes and location information are essential to optimizing route plans. This will ensure that you are only maximising the potential of your fleet, and not spending time doing manual tasks. Telgian is an organization for fire safety has been able to cut its planning time by 82% while also increasing orders and cutting operating costs.

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