Secure File Sharing for Business


With the rise of flexible working teams are collaborating across time zones and distances more than ever. This requires the transfer of large files between colleagues who work remotely. However, traditional file sharing methods aren’t always the most secure. It is very easy for employees to send sensitive files with intellectual property or regulated data whether intentionally or accidentally to the wrong person.

These uncontrolled information transfers could expose your company to the risk of costly fines and harm to its reputation if you don’t implement the appropriate security measures. It’s crucial to set up a system that allows you to control the way files are shared with clients and partners as well as within your own company.

To minimize the risks associated with uncontrolled file sharing, your company should choose a platform which offers the highest level of security monitoring and access control. You can then ensure that only individuals with the proper authorization have access to certain folders and files and any changes made to the file. Additionally, an enterprise-level content services platform provides an audit trail that is centrally located making it easy to trace user history and spot any issues which could result in violations of privacy or in violation of.

Choose a program that is easy to use and integrates with your workflow. You should also be careful not to pay for features you don’t require. If you’re planning to use a client file portal make sure the software offers options like custom branding and easy set up for your clients.

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